Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Lights!


Come on in!

Greg surprised me while I was still at church on Sunday by putting up our outside Christmas lights!

We are traveling a bit this December, and our roof is getting replaced very soon after Christmas, so we thought maybe it wasn't a great plan to add the work of putting up the lights . . . but Greg knows they make me happy, and he did it anyway!

What a man!

Doesn't it look cozy?

And I was inspired to put up the Christmas tree!

We do minimalism with Christmas partially because we have insane young kittens and partially because decorating can be sideways energy that doesn't pay back very much.  I have two sets of decorations - the full 8 boxes and the EZ version.  This was another EZ year.

Claude pulled the cushion off the chair in the hallway and slept on it!

Allistiar loves to cuddle in blankies when it's chilly!

Look at that long snout!

And Stephen has a nice long snout, too!

While I was watching, "White Christmas" last night and writing Christmas cards, Allistair and Stephen were busy snuggling.


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