Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in Minnesota - Day 5 . . . Christmas Day

Christmas Day started off nice and slow . . . 

we read the newspaper (and looked at the ads!)

made sure the table was all ready -
and we were only expecting adults, so we got to use all the most beautiful things!

Here's what I wore:
blouse: Merona from Target
sweater: WalMart
pants: DKNY
socks: Target

I LOVE the dots on dots!

Then our peeps arrived!
left to right: Uncle Ron, Auntie Cindy, Greg, Mom

Two beautiful sisters:

We had ham and "fancy potatoes" 
(they are cheesy potatoes, dubbed "fancy" by me when I was a wee lass)

as well as salads and veggies of various kinds.

It was COLD!
Snow was predicted.

And it arrived!

So I decided to go for a walk!

my dear sweet Mom, me, my beloved Auntie Cindy:

Can you see tiny little flakes in my hair?

Lemme give you a close-up:

I went to the little park by the pond - and all the dried up hibernating foliage is beautiful;
so many textures and colors!

Little tiny flakes in the dried leaves:

My feet looked good, but they were NOT warm enough in these shoes!

Little tiny flakes in the dirt

 Near my parents' house, there is a Holly Street - it seemed appropriate for the holiday!

This is my parents' street, and that's their house on the left.

My glasses fogged up when I went inside!!!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

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