Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in Minnesota - Day 6 . . . Home Again

And then it was, too soon, time to fly home.
No one slept Christmas night because we had to get up at 2:30 am to get to the airport by 5!

Getting closer . . . that terrain looks more familiar!

I've never flown in such wonderful conditions for watching out the window!
The scenery was fantastic from above - usually it's covered in clouds or dust.

There's Roosevelt Lake!

And there's the Fountain Hills fountain!

And there's one of our famous canals!

And one of our well-organized neighborhoods. 

And then it was time to land!

And, thanks to our neighbors, we were home before 11 am!

I got some distressing news about my Mom's health that morning, so I went for a run and then decided to spend some time outside in the sun.  
Vitamin D always makes me feel less depressed and moody!

It wasn't very warm (for an Arizonan!), only in the high 50s, but it was sunny.

And I made a little reading area.

Juvy was happy to have someone to snuggle with outside!

Obviously, she loves to roll in the leaves!

December is when our elm trees start losing their leaves in earnest.

Juvy enjoys every moment.
We wonder if maybe rolling in those leaves is the reason her fur is so lovely and soft and plush.

Relaxed enough for her little pink tongue to poke out!
Also, notice that she's not exactly pure black like Stephen - she's actually cinnamon.
It's hard to capture on camera unless she's in direct bright sunlight.
So beautiful!

Look at her pretty paw.

I hope there's some sunshine in your day!

p.s. if you are sad, a CAT is one of the best ways to feel better!

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