Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sedona in the Fog

Jen and I went to Sedona this last week.
It was raining and foggy!
Everyone we saw who lives there was surprised by the weather - most of them said they'd never seen that sort of weather before in Sedona.

When we hit the Mogollon Rim, the visibility was really bad!

Our first stop was a cute little restaurant

With a very cozy atmosphere
(piles of blankets in case customers want to sit on the patio and they get chilly!)

and a GORGEOUS view!
(this is what we saw right from our table)

This was taken from the patio

The little entryway had games ready for playing

and children's Christmas books next to a pretty decorate tree!

I wore this:

I got several comments on the stripes on the shirt and socks.

There were yellow dots leading from our parking area to the downtown area.

And we found little baby pincones

Such a pretty little town!

Everything was decorated for Christmas,
but everything was also wet!

Sedona is an artistic city, and I loved these little blue javelina!

The shopping walkways had leaves still turning colors PLUS decorations for Christmas

There is creativity everywhere in Sedona!
This is a bench, but why should it be boring?

Here's me and Jen!

We had fun in the shops:

And the view kept popping up behind buildings

 And then we ran across the instruments!

Jen couldn't resist playing them all.

Here's some music for you!

The air smelled like juniper pines

I love that this road is named Schnebly!

On the way home, we stopped at Sunset Point scenic overlook, and the fog was all gone so we could see the lovely view.

What a fun day!

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  1. Beautiful pictures. You know I LOVE stripes....cute, cute, cute...