Friday, November 7, 2014

Minnesota Days 3 & 4 - Bemidji

On day 3, we traveled to spend time with Greg's Dad, Rick, and lovely Step-Mom, Karen.

Rick's eyes in the rear-view mirror!

Since we didn't rent a car for this trip, Rick & Karen met us at Panera Bakery next to Caribou Coffee (and Half-Price Books!)  Thanks to both sets of parents for driving us around on this trip . . . next time we're renting a car so as not to inconvenience you!

The parking lot had lots of beautiful Canadian Geese (and Seagulls!) lounging about:

Aren't they majestic?

This one had a cool speckled head - I've never seen that in a goose before!

We spent quite bit of time trawling used bookstores and then went out to eat - a great day!

The next day, Greg and I borrowed a car from his Dad and Karen (thank you!) and drove up to Bemidji, Greg's home-town (he was born and grew up there).

There's a lot of chilly farmland along the way (look whom you can see in the mirror!)

I wore anchor socks (Target), navy shoes (Target), and Navy pants (forgotton brand . . . bought at Ross)

And a geometric print blouse (Target) with a lovely warm light-blue cable-knit sweater (Old Navy):

I was cozy!
And I needed the layers because it was in the 20s in Bemidji.  The day before we were there, it had snowed for a couple of hours, but the snow was all melted when we arrived.

Bemidji is known as the home (well, one of the places that claims to be the home) of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox!  They are right along the main strip of town (by Lake Bemidji), so we said hi.

I get all pasty in the cold.

In Bemidji, things are labeled in Ojibwe and English.
I am fascinated by languages and I think it's extra cool!

aaniin = greetings!
boozhoo = welcome

chi-miigwech = thank you very much!

We got to see Greg's grandma Marian during her recovery from hip replacement surgery.
As always, she was perky and spunky and positive - we wanna be like that when we're 89!

in the rehab unit, waiting for physical therapy to finish

We also got to see Greg's aunt Marj, Greg's cousin Barb, and Barb's beautiful daughter Ashley.
(Thanks for hanging out with us for 10 minutes - it was a lovely 10 minutes, and sorry we didn't get there sooner!)

Then we went over to Greg's aunt Susie's house and hung out with her and uncle Charley.

She showed us how to make glitter Christmas decorations!

1.  Put this exact Pledge floor care product (it must be the one with the blue cap) 
into a clear class Christmas ball.

2.  Swirl the Pledge around slowly until every bit of the glass has a light coat.

3.  Choose fine glitter of any color.

4.  Put the glitter into the ball with a funnel.

5.  Shake it up!!!
Tissue over the opening is recommended because if your finger gets the 
Pledge and glitter on it, you will also be glittery!

6.  Let dry, then put the hanger back on.

 I made a gold one!

Then we headed back to the outskirts of the Twin Cities for another day with Rick & Karen.

What a fun day!

Come back tomorrow to see my nieces, Cora & Esme (pronounced ez-may, for those of us who haven't heard the name before!).

Until then, be well!

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