Thursday, November 6, 2014

Minnesota Day 1 & 2 - Chilly Weather and AxMan

We just got back from a lovely autumn trip to visit our families in Minnesota!
There were quite a few challenges . . . but more about those in coming posts, and over all, the trip was refreshing and full of precious time with our families.

The weather was beautiful - in the 40s for highs most days.

I got to wear a new coat!

in my Mom's closet!

It's by Tulle and 70% wool - I was thrilled to find it on eBay for less than $50 
(with free shipping!)

Look at the wonderful big buttons!

I also found this cool bag at Ross . . .

It's by Madden Girl.

Looks like a normal messenger bag with a flap front and beautiful crochet . . .

with a surprise on the inside!

But it can convert into a backpack at a moment's notice!

I pretty much only use backpacks when hiking, but it's convenient when traveling and pulling two suitcases!

The morning after we flew in, we traveled to Greg's Dad and step-Mom Karen.
We shopped most of the day.

We started by finding a few Half-Price Bookstores (yay!)
and then . . . 
AxMan - hooray!

If you haven't read about AxMan on my blog (or elsewhere), it's a surplus place that sells all sorts of crazy wackadoodle stuff.  The best part is the labeling!  I think they employ the most creative people in the universe.

notice that in the lower left-hand corner of this "gold" brick,
the rocks inside are peeking out

"some kind of long brown thing that sticks to itself"

"blue brushy thinger!"

"stretchy thing"

"gnome hats"

"Ax-Man supports athletic supporters!
and so can you"


After these photos, I dropped my camera on the floor and the in-out zoom lens broke.  It was crooked and it wouldn't go in and out anymore.

So a couple of days later, Greg bought me this one;
it's upgraded from my previous one and I love it!

It enabled me to take great pictures the rest of the trip!


Cacti *CAN* live in Minnesota!

This is what happens in the fall - they lie down almost completely flat.
Then they sort of pile up again when spring/summer come!

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