Friday, June 10, 2016

Home From New Zealand

On our last day in New Zealand, we woke up to this rainbow!
Which turned into a DOUBLE rainbow for some time!

It was so clear that I could dsee the colors separated out over the city.

It was rainy and chilly (39!) and we enjoyed it, knowing we'd soon be back in sunny and HOT Arizona.

I had some tea the hotel provided, and I loved what the tea bag said:
"I am only one, but still I am one.
I can no do everything,
but still I can do something."
Edward Everett Hale, 1902

It reminds me of the encouraging tidbit I repeated to myself over and over when I was really sick:
If you can't do what you want, do what you CAN.

We enjoyed the view some more while packing up our stuff.

Our hotel was nice enough to let us leave our car in their parking lot while we explored, because our flight didn't leave until late afternoon.

So we went to the city centre and walked around, poking in little shops and taking photos.

See this black moneky-looking figure?  
He is Hei-Tiki, the first man.

"The Maori believe Hei-Tiki was the first man in the Maori world; he came from the stars. Hei-Tiki is a powerful good-luck symbol. Tilted head is thinking, hand is strength, mouth communication, heart is love and loins fertility. The wearer of the Hei-Tiki is assumed to be clear-thinking, perceptive, loyal and knowledgeable; their strength is their character."

We saw him in many places, but I didn't get a photo until our last day.
Partially, I admit, because he creeped me out a little.  But now that I've read what the different parts of him represent (desired characteristics), I like him more.

One of the silly shops we went into was selling these . . . 

Don't worry; I got a close-up for you!
Real possum fur!!!

Handcrafted in New Zealand!

Surprisingly, I couldn't think of a single friend or family member who would appreciate one of these as a gift.

As we walked back to our hotel to pick up the car and head to the airport 
(VERY early, just in case!), I saw these beautiful little mushrooms.
They look just like they're in a fairy story.

Here's an overview of the hotels/motels we enjoyed in New Zealand:

Then we dropped off our car at the rental place (Jucy), where I appreciated this sentiment:

We sat for at least three hours at the gate in the airport.
We discovered that New Zealand airports are set up to have everything interesting in the main areas (before security).  NO ONE goes through security right away.  Everyone sits and has lunch and coffee and they hang out.  They only go through security when they hear the boarding call for their over the loudspeaker.  The woman at the gate making the announcement even said, "Please make your way through security now and come to gate . . ."
We were astounded, because in the USA, if we waited until boarding was starting to go through security, we'd almost certainly miss the flight.

Boarding was outside in the rain!

We enjoyed our last bits of green, lush, friendly, and beautiful New Zealand.

In San Fransisco during our (short!) layover, I braided my hair, since it had gotten wet from rain and humidity, and since it always gets full of static in airplanes.  Also, travelling is HARD on hair!
Mine was all nasty and I was happy to be headed home to pamper it (and my skin!) in the week and a half before our next trip to Switzerland!

This is what I wore on the flight home:
sweater, blouse, socks, shoes: Target
pants: Soho from Ross
bag: Betsey Johnson from Amazon

Home, sweet home, we'll be there soon!
(And sweet little fluffy kitties, we can hardly wait to smooch you!!!)

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  1. Thinking about the nipple warmers...I never knew there was such a thing...might not be a bad idea in Minnesota... :) Sooooooo enjoyed all the beautiful scenery...thx for taking the trip for