Sunday, June 12, 2016

Packing For Switzerland

Because we knew we'd be hauling everything around on trains and possibly streetcars or buses, we decided to lighten up our burdens on our trip to Switzerland.  

Each of us took a carry-on-sized suitcase and a backpack.
It was scary because I couldn't tell online if our rental apartments had access to washer/dryers and we wanted to wash our clothes at least once on our trip.
(In case you can't wait to find out, we had washers at two places and a dryer at one - the most important one - yay!)

Here is some more information about what I packed:

And here are some things I changed between our New Zealand and Switzerland trips:

I'm planning a video soon about which pieces of clothing, which accessories, and which additional items I used most and found helpful so you can get ideas and be well prepared for similar travel.  
Keep your eyes open for that post!

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