Thursday, June 9, 2016

NZ Day 15 - Queenstown

When we woke up in the morning, it was clear and crisp.
We could actually see the mountains!

On our way from Franz Josef to Queenstown, we saw the turn-off for Fox Glacier. 

In case you were wondering, here's how we navigated.
Greg's phone GPS navigation app told us where to do and showed us the map.
Greg had brought all the cords and wires we'd need to keep things running
and he did a GREAT job remembering everything useful!

The landscape got flatter.

A reminder: in NZ, people drive on the left!!!

We stopped at a Department of Conservation spot for a bio break.
The pointed area out to the sea was closed: 
"Landslides and coastal erosion affect this area. The shelter is unsafe."

But it certainly was beautiful!

And after some more driving, we came across a beautiful clear BLUE lake:

It was amazing; no beach houses along this gorgeous lake, no resorts.
Just beauty, sheep, horses, and domesticated deer.

It's Lake Hawea!

We pulled into the town at the tip of the lake for gas.
The houses there were adorable! 

And they had a little dam: 

The landscape was now rolling and golden.
Less rain falls on this side of the mountains. 

I dig how the Kiwis label "black spots" on roads to alert people to take extra caution.

And they remind people to let faster vehicles pass.

We began to see glimpses of Queenstown!

Our motel was cute and the owners adorable!

This was the view from the sidewalk outside our motel. 

I loved this painting on the wall inside our motel.

Walking towards downtown . . . 

To find the ShotOver Jet boat place!

We signed up for a 4 PM appointment.

This is how the boat looks (click here to see it in action!):

We weren't allowed to take video or photos on the boat,
but it was WINDY and COLD!
We had fun, though.

It raced along this river under this beautiful bridge:

After our boat ride, we walked along the lake, watching the boats and the sunset.

A statue of the huge moa, an extinct bird that used to live on New Zealand:

Sheep statues:

And YES! We found the Pita Pit and ate there again
(and the following morning before we left for home!)

It was tasty!


Goodnight, Queenstown!

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