Tuesday, June 7, 2016

NZ Day 13 - To Franz Josef

Look at that serene sheepy mountainous beauty!

The Kiwis give great road advice. 

This one only works in countries that drive on the left,

"Allow extra time on NZ roads" - great idea!

These sheep were lining up to walk that path, probably
back to their barn or night-time pasture. 

If your Hu-Ha is missing, check here:

Almost every little bridge had a label, and they were all "culverts": 

Greg drove a looooong way to Franz Josef.

It was pretty steep up and down!

We eventually made it! 

And our motel was adorable!

See the inside here:

We could see the beautiful high mountains from our motel, but we couldn't see any glaciers:

We saw the Kiwi Bird refuge and museum!

This cute little guy was outside! 

That night, Greg had a Kiwi burger, which had plenty of nummy things packed into it. 

He had to find a creative way to eat it!

Tomorrow - GLACIERS
(and a lot of beautiful rain)!

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