Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve!

It's here!!!

Yesterday I ran some errands, and here's what I wore - I liked the moss green and the periwinkle blue together.

It was a chilly day - and it's another chilly day today!  Woo-hoo!
We're expecting RAIN, and it feels homey and cozy and festive. 

On my drive yesterday, the mountains were obscured by low lying clouds . . . 

After errands, I came home and did a bit of tidying and cooking.

Last night I had a very small (three people) Christmas party / birthday party hybrid and it was lovely and the perfect way to start this happy celebratory weekend.

I made tasty food and we watched this cute French movie on Netflix:
Image result for french movie "chic"

Here's what I cooked!

Everything vegan.

This time I baked them instead of frying them and they were crispy and delicious and MUCH better than the pan version!!!
these are not my plates - this photo is from when I made the burgers
at my parents' cabin in Minnesota
because I forgot to take a close-up last night!

It was delightful!

Today I run the 1:1 (special needs) classroom at church during two services and then we come home and open our gifts and have a special family meal from Greg's side of the family.

And tomorrow we have some of Greg's work friends over for chalupas (stay tuned for photos and video!) and games.  Should be great fun!!!


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