Saturday, December 3, 2016

Clouds, Clothes, Cats

The sky is a beautiful blue shade in Arizona in the winter.
I've never seen a sky like it anywhere else.

look closely and you can see a woodpecker in the cactus!

Now that the weather has FINALLY turned to fall/winter,
I'm chilly and I get to wear pants and sweaters and LAYER - hooray!
It's an early Christmas gift!

Here is my favorite outfit so far this winter:
sweater: Kensie from Ross
skirt: Max Edition from Ross
Tights - ? Target?
shoes: Aerosoles from Ross
bag: Kenneth Cole Reation

These are my new favorite jeans.
They're by Tommy Hilfiger, bought at Macy's.
In fact, I love them SO much that I bought two pairs.

Look at that gorgeous floral embroidery!

This is my new favorite dress. It's by Thalia Sodi from Macy's.
I love the colors and the amazing fit.
I just happen to have a pair of flats in that burgundy color that go perfectly with this outfit
and I always feel extra cute when I wear this dress!

find the dress here while it lasts

I found some new blouses at Target that I want to wear almost every day!

Look at this!  White dots with GOLD dots!!!

It looks amazing with my striped sweater on top.

I also wore it with a blue faux-suede skirt on Thanksgiving
(because I knew I would be in the kitchen all warm from the oven).
I might have to get a second one of these, too, to save for when this one wears out.
It's just the perfect blouse for me!  Fancy, but casual.  Special and sparkly, but subtle.
find the blouse here as long as it lasts!

I also bought this floral version of it, 
which I love equally.  Beautiful colors that go well with my
olive green pants and blush pink sweater!

I know many of you come here just to check in on the cats,
so here are some photos of them . . . 

Stephen and Allistair
(with Wanda the whale there because Allistair likes to nap with his toys nearby!)

Allistair being adorable:

"Hey Momma, I'm posing for your photo!"

Now that winter is finally here, we NEED to snuggle a lot more!!!
I am under that white blanket and there are three cats piled on me
(insert big smiles!!!)

Last night, we snuggled (with hot water bottles!) and watched a very cute French film ("Chic").

I finally found the new sheets I've been searching for!
I wanted blue and white (or gold and white) dots or stripes.
and I found these at TJ Maxx!

Look at how perfectly they match our other bedding! 
notice how the quilt is not squares, but cat heads?


  1. I want that polka shirt and those sheets only the shirt in a larger size and the sheets in a smaller size... :)

  2. I hope you find just the right ones!!!! xo