Thursday, November 30, 2017

Jacob's Crosscut Trail Hike

Greg took a week off work for Thanksgiving, but he had to go back today.
We went for a great hike yesterday - it was the first day we had free to do it, and I'm very glad we made time for it!

It was a nice cool day (around 75 for a high, I think), overcast and slightly breezy.
We went to the First Water Trailhead only to find out it's been upgraded recently!
I guess I haven't been to this hiking spot since last October, probably.
They've done a nice job with the signs and cairns. 

We did NOT get rabies!

Someone (or a strong wind?) put some rocks inside this tree.

The clouds constantly kept us looking UP.

And we saw the roots of this saguaro.

I also saw this little Velvet Ant (actually a female flightless wasp!)
crawling very quickly along the ground.  She was busily doing something and I didn't disturb her.

We came up along side the Superstition Mountain range 
and the side of the Lost Dutchman State Park.

There were LOTS of cholla (CHOY-uh) - Greg got a little baby spike ball stuck on his shoe
and I sat on one by accident - but only lightly, so it wasn't hard to get out!

Here's a "bone" from a cholla.
It's part of the inner skeleton.

Here's how it looks while still part of the plant:

It's very lacy and pretty.

It was 78 according to my thermometer.


It got cloudier and darker as the afternoon went on.

Hope you enjoyed this adventure with us!

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