Sunday, November 26, 2017

Winter Wardrobe Additions

When the weather changes from cool to hot or from hot to cool,
I usually add a few things (or sometimes a lot of things!)
to my collection of clothes and accessories.

I typically sell the things that no longer strike my fancy 
to a consignment shop or on eBay. 
I then use the money to purchase other things.

Here are some things I've bought recently!

which I saw while returning something in store.
I love the little lovebird print!


I think that blouse is going to be my Christmas Eve outfit
along with this skirt.
What do you think - the burgundy velvet or the black?

Here's the black, but please ignore this not-so-great pose by this model!

I was originally thinking burgundy, but looking at them together, I think I like the black.
With black tights and my velvet stacked heels, maybe?

obviously not my hair!

T-shirt from H&M, which I saw here first.

Check out the little embroidered hearts on the ends of the sleeves!

which was on clearance at my local Target (less than $9!)
I love the ruffle and the small geometric floral print.


This light pink dotted blouse, also from Target:

Target was the source for my wonderful soft flowy comfortable sophisticated pajamas this winter, too!  I love the animal-print ones I got for Christmas last year so much that I bought two pairs of these similar ones this year.  They're PERFECT!   

I also sold a few pair of earrings I didn't wear anymore and bought a nice dainty pair
that goes with everything (Etsy, vintage - browse Etsy or eBay for similar).  
They dangle, but they are small and delicate.

I've been alternating these with my other favorite pair that I got from my parents when I was 19 or 20.
That pair are three thin feminine hoops hooked onto each other.  They're gorgeous and I will never get rid of them because they have so much sentimental value to me.

Once a week or so, I wear some special hoops that a friend brought back from India last winter.
They are very pretty, as well, and add some ethnic flair to my jewelry collection.
One of these days, I will do a jewelry inventory for you - I enjoy looking at other people's style as expressed through their jewelry, and it would be fun to document my own.

And Greg bought me this lovely bag for my birthday!!!
I love these cat bags!  They are the perfect size and they bring me happiness 
every time I see them or use them.
Thanks, my sweet, for the thoughtful gift (and all the other ones!)

And last, this negligee!
Don't tell Greg . . . this is a surprise for Christmas!

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