Sunday, March 4, 2018

Queen Creek Olive Mill

Greg and I got to go to a special Intel event at the Queen Creek Olive Mill
last Thursday.

There is a lovely view of the flatiron at Lost Dutchman State Park
from the grounds of the groves.

They have a nice organic garden and evidently use what they grow 
in their products and food.

We had some time to browse the shop.
I don't use a lot of oil, but I love interesting vinegars!

I tasted a lot of them and my favorite was this PEACH one!

I'm usually the most dressed-up person at any event, but not this time.
I knew it was bound to be cold, and I wore pants with a ruffled sweater.
I had my faux-leather jacket with me, too.
I sort of wished I had dressed up more, but I did get very chilly.

The outside patio is beautiful.

We got to enjoy a pretty white tent.
A big tent.

The tables were perfect - burlap with colorful flowers.

I peeked out through an opening in the tent and saw the olive trees.

Here is how olives were pressed years back.

Now they're squeezed with this machine instead!

There was a lot of yummy food.
Though I did have some difficulty the next day, so I'm assuming it
wasn't completely safe for me.  I enjoyed it at the time, though!

It was a great evening and I definitely recommend checking out the Queen Creek Olive Mill!
I look forward to heading back and picking up some vinegar to use on my salads and veggies.

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