Monday, March 16, 2015

19 Years

On March 16, 1996, Greg and I got hitched!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my best friend.
I'm honored and happy to be on this epic journey with you.

Nicole, me, Greg, Jer

I still love that dress.
didn't need glasses then -
or was I wearing contacts?

Look how happy I was!

And Greg was happy, too!

Blurry it may be, but I adore this photo:

This picture makes my heart melt.

Guests had left, family was lingering. I was tired and had put on slipper socks instead of my wedding shoes and I needed a little cuddle.  Also, if you look verrrry closely, you can see a little chafe mark on my shoulder from where the elastic in the dress was rubbing on my scapula.
Thanks to my sweet brother, Mark, for catching this even though the "event" was over.  

Those fancy dresses aren't really made for comfort.  
It was beautiful, though, and just my style.

Here's the back:

I was able to detach the tulle by unsnapping little snaps under the roses at the back.

No gluten problems back then!  

Eat that cake!
Obviously I had no idea I was supposed to feed the cake to myself.
It makes more sense to me that each of us would nourish the other, but
that doesn't work for this sort of photo!

Thanks to everyone who shared our joy on that happy day 19 years ago
and to those of you who've joined us along the way.


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