Friday, March 13, 2015

Italy? Gilbert?

I had a meeting with some friends and we met at the clubhouse in the neighborhood where one of the women lives.  Look at this view!  It looked like Italy to me.
That square is a big fountain and beyond that is a golf course.  I can only imagine what their association fees are!
We sat outside and I looked out over green grass, trees, and mountains.
The conversation was good, too.

The citrus trees are blooming right now.  
Lovely smell from afar, but get too close and they'll make you sneeze!

And then Greg and I got to go see "My Fair Lady" at the Hale Theater in Gilbert,
thanks to a gift from my parents for our anniversary (it's on Monday!)

Downtown Gilbert is old(ish) and cute.
This watertower stands right in the middle.

And the Hale Theater is right across the street!

The theater seems more like a very small basketball court.

This is Henry Higgins's library!

If you look closely in the middle of this photo, you can see Greg, Jeremy 
(white shirt, head back), and Echo (navy & white polka dot dress).
This was taken in the intermission when the "stage" was set up like Henry Higgins's house.

 I'm not a theater critic, but I can definitely say THANK YOU, Dad & MOM!
We enjoyed ourselves immensely and the production was very good.  I was even impressed with most of the accents!

I've been working hard at chugging out a few videos this week, and Allistair has been happy to have me around and stationary!

Working with cat-on-lap syndrome . . . 

Working at the desk in my office . . . 

And looking at his loooong little snout
(it looks much longer from this angle and I think it's funny!)

I got something from Amazon delivered in a fun little package that I decided needed to become a cat toy.  Allistair agreed!

Packing bag, part 1:

Packing bag, part 2:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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