Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Robot Mouse & Some Outfits

We got a new toy!!!

Isn't he cute?

He was even on clearance.

And he came equipped with a battery!

It's been a fun adventure!

The battery is already starting to wear down because the kittens want to play
with this mousie all the time.

On to my new outfits!

It was chilly on Sunday, and I even needed a light coat!
Coat: Macy's
dress: Ross
shoes: Target

I LOVE that this dress is striped AND floral!

Monday was also chilly; in fact, I needed more than one layer.
pants: Ross
blouse: Target
sweater: Target
bag: Betsey Johnson (Ross)
socks: Target

I decided that plum and pink are nice neighbors!

This week has remained chilly . . . and I'm enjoying it!
Keep cozy wherever you are.

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