Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Products + Cuteness

My friend Shawna had this mug in her cabinet and asked if I would like to have it - 
of COURSE, I said yes!!!  
Thank you, Shawna!!!

Claude decided to be extra cute the other day . . .

You can see her Daddy in the background.  She LOVES him.
When he takes a shower, she sits on the counter in the bathroom and waits for him to come out.
It's adorable.

 Sunday in the 1:1 Classroom, I found this drawing on my white board . . . 
Love how our hair is sitting on top of our heads like hats.
I am especially happy that I happen to be blue (my favorite color)!

While we're talking about blue, here's my bedroom because
my parents bought us a new painting for above our bed as an anniversary present 
(it's coming up in a little over a week!)

Closer-up - beautiful, isn't it?!
quilt by Greg's Mom

My parents also bought us this new shower curtain,
which I am loving.

I am still working on getting my personal care products and diet cleaned up of nasty chemicals and unhealthiness, and I happened upon these products at SuperTarget yesterday.

This morning was the first time I used these, and I LOVE them. 
They have no scent, no dyes, parabens, gluten . . .
they're pH balanced (good for hair) and gentle for sensitive skin.

UPDATE on 2015/4/4:
I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for about a month,
and the ends of my hair got really dry.  Since I noticed, I've been deep conditioning almost every day.
While in Minnesota, I bought these, and so far I'm liking them.  I will do a little review in a month or two.

 I also bought some Vanicream with SPF for summer . . . our annual week at my parents' lake cabin is approaching, and I'm sure there will be hiking and stuff before then when I'll need more than my usual spf 15.  Most SPF-containing lotions are horrible for my skin and make me break out or itch.  Also, they are typically pretty toxic.  This one rates just a 1!!!

I wore a new dress today . . . 
it's a great abstract stripey animal-y sort of print.
Greg digs it and so do I - it highlights my tush in a nice way.
I wore it this morning with a chambray shirt because it was slightly chilly in the morning.

Here's what it looks like without the shirt

During a quick browse through TJ Maxx today, I unearthed this clutch - 
I love the amazing studs and the fancy tassel!
It looked REALLY good with the outfit I'm wearing today.
I think it will be a good bag to have inside a tote bag with my lipsticks and lotion and stuff in it to prevent them from getting lots in the cavernous enormity of the bigger bag.
Of course, the next time I go to a rock concert, I'll be sure to take it!

And look!  Only $7!

Hope you have a lovely day!

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