Friday, January 22, 2016

Cats, Clothes, Cabinet

It's difficult to photograph black cats.
I have more pictures of Allistair than of Stephen and Juvy because their beautiful sleek fur soaks up all the light and the photos don't usually show their sweet features.
But every once in a while, the light is just right and I cat get lovely photos of them.
Yesterday afternoon, the light was just right and Stephen was feeling calm and looking handsome, so I snapped away!  He posed a bit.

 And drooped over the edge of the bed.

Allistair has been seeking the sunshine.

The other day, he jumped up on the bed in the guest room (the sun shines in there in the mornings),
pulled down this little pillow, and gave a huge sigh as he put his head down on it.


Getting cozy in blankets is the only option after the sun has gone to bed.

Or a hot water bottle!

A water bottle AND the sun?

When I do yoga, he still wants to "participate," but the tile floor is cold, so he tries to dig under the yoga mat so he'll be covered up by something.  I guess he thinks it will be warmer.
So this time I gave him a blankie.
He liked it and curled right up for a nap.

Allistair has taken to doing something really funny when Greg leaves for work.

"Daddy, please don't go!"

Claude, looking grumpy:

But she's ever so pretty!

 Of course, here are a few outfits . . . 

I work this tu church a couple of weeks back.
pants: SoHo
blouse: ? from Ross
coat: from Macy's
bag: Versace 1969 from Ross
shoes & socks: Target

Isn't this a great bag?
I have been looking for a light or French blue bag that's non-leather (I'm moving away from carrying or wearing things made out of someone's skin, since there are other options),
and this one turned up at Ross.  It's HUGE, but I love being able to cart around my notebook and the book I'm currently reading (this one) and all my InvisAlign stuff and my camera and iPod and all that.  I feel like this bag and I could go on vacation together and I'd be fine -  except for clothing, of course, which SADLY, I'd have to replace!

Here's another outfit I put together recently.
I love tone on tone outfits such as this one with varying colors of pink.
I am inspired by a page in Isaac Mizrahi's book (get it and go to page 106 to see what I'm talking about - it's  GREAT style book, one of my favorites, and it's old now, so it's inexpensive!  I look at it all the time when I need inspiration or just want to soothe myself.)
jacket: Tulle
sweater: Target
tank: Target
pants: SoHo
socks & slippers: Target

Here's another example of different tones of the same color.
sweater: Target
blouse: Target (hmmm . . . I think I might like Target)
pants: SoHo
socks & slippers (Target)

Their holiday sweaters went on clearance, and I cleaned 'em out (and then sent my Mom to get all she could find in her size and her Target!)

 I bought four in the store and one online.
I love the solid colors with a little extra something (jewels!)
I bought these in the store and a rose pink one online!
Some are cardigans, some are pull-overs with scoop necks.
I like my sweaters to be long and roomy to wear with slim-fitting pants, so I got the XL
(a lot of Target clothes seem to be cut smaller than I expect, so I usually size up).

I cleaned out another cabinet!!!!
Little by little, I will get this house whipped into order!

Happy Friday!

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