Saturday, January 30, 2016

Double Date

Our anniversary is coming up in March, and my parents wanted to take us out to a play
while they're in town as part of our celebration.
We made it a double-date to the Hale Theater in Gilbert.

I wore this:
jacket: AGB
dress: Calvin Klein
shoes: STEVEN by Steve Madden
bag: no tag, from Ross

I was planning to take this little clutch, but I decided against it
when I realized I needed to have my InvisAlign stuff along with me because we were going out for dessert aftewwards. 

Mirror is dusty, but you get the idea! 

We stopped in a very busy area to take this photo,
and I was in a rush because it's embarrassing to take a selfie in the middle of a crowd (!), and also it was dark, so the picture's blurry.
And my crazy eye is crazy.
But Greg, my Mom, and my Dad look great!

The theater is adorable and the play was good.

I like that the theater is right across from the Gibert tower. 

 Non-purposeful fancy art:

And then we had a casual dessert at SubZero! 

My Dad picked out the best card.
It's true; days do turn to years before we even know it!

Happy Saturday!

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