Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some Winter Outfits

I KNEW you needed to start with a beautiful kitty paw!!!
(That's Claude's).

And then of course, a couple of recent outfits.
It's much more fun to put together outfits in the winter because I can play with 
layers and textures much more than I can when it's HOT.
jeans: Style & Co by Macy's
blouse: ? from consignment store
as always, socks & slippers from Target

This was one of my favorite get-ups lately.
I love that pretty green color and the stripes with dots.
pants: SoHo Apparel from Ross
blouse: Merona from Target
sweater: Merona from Target
bag: Betsey Johnson from Amazon

Close-up of the bag:

Outfit with jacket
(from Dress Barn, believe it or not!)

With shoes: 
sparkly sneakers from Target

 Yesterday I had the blessing of going shopping with my Mom.
I wore this:
jeans: DKNY
blouse: Merona from Target
sweater: Merona from Target
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction from Ross

Here I am at Macy's -
I bought those wonderful jeans and cobalt pants behind me! 
shoes: Aerosole

I got a little chuckle out of this little guy . . . 

Look at his teeth!!!

Ross had a wonderful selection of blouses this week.
This one is one of my new acquisitions.
They are almost a mesh texture, see-through and light and wonderful for summer
(since I like to keep my upper arms covered and I don't like how 
clingy and unflattering most t-shirts are, summer blouses are tough to find!)
I hope they keep making these in more and more wonderful patterns.
I ended up with this plaid one (I like how the autumnal colors compliment my hair and complexion),
a brown one with white dots, a black one with a giraffe pattern, and a navy one with dots.
I'm sure they'll be featured soon!

I heard a weird noise the other day while I was working, and when I went out into the great room,
I found Allistair with my notebook.  He had bitten down on the spiral wire and was pulling as hard as he could.  Now there's a huge loop and I can't turn the pages anymore . . . 
what a strange kitten!

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