Friday, February 5, 2016

Accessories & Cat Moods

This week was CHILLY!

And we had rain - yay!

I had fun coming up with (warm!) outfits for some of my new blouses.

pants: SoHo from Ross
blouse: from Ross
jacket: Tulle from eBay
socks & slippers from Target!

Here's what I came up with using the cobalt blue stretch jeans
from Macy's:
pants: Style & Co from Macy's
blouse: Merona from Target
sweater: Old Navy
shoes: STEVEN by Steve Madden

And here's what I'm wearing right this minute:
pants: SoHo from Ross
blouse: from Ross
sweater: Merona from Target
socks & slippers, as always, from Target!

Also, I got new glasses!
I'm still getting used to them because they're darker than my previous ones,
but besides my Dad, no one else has even noticed,
so they must not be too extreme. 
I'm slightly under the weather with a little cold
(which then kicks my auto-immune stuff up a bit),
so my crazy eye is lookin' a little crazy,
but HEY, the gorgeous Lucy Liu has a crazy eye, too!

They are Ocean Pacific, #834,
and YES, they are a beautiful blue on the inside!!!
They make me happy.

Here's another accessory I purchased recently with some Christmas money from my parents.
Thank you, Dad & Mom!

NoaLia Fine Jewelry on Etsy

Aren't they beautiful?
They haven't arrived yet (these photos are from the website),
but I'm eagerly anticipating being able to put them on and wear them all the time!

I have been having trouble with Raynaud's lately,
where my the small blood vessels in my fingers and toes spasm
and refuse to let blood flow in.
My fingertips (mostly my middle finger and pointer finger on my right hand and my right toes)
get numb and WHITE.  It's sort of creepy.

I remembered to take a photo the other day when it was resolving, 
and here's what it looks like.  The fingers on either side are the normal color of my fingers!
It feels as if the affected part is ice cold and numb - 
but it's always 70 degrees in my house, so
there's no good reason for my extremities to be THAT cold.
Silly fingers & toes!!!
In my case, it's probably an auto-immune thing related to my other diagnoses.

When that happens, I stop working and go sit on the couch with a hot water bottle on my toes and my hands under the blanket (or under a cat!)
It goes away if I can get my core body temperature higher for awhile.

The cats don't mind the reminders for me to snuggle them!
Stephen & Allistair


Claude when she's crazy

Claude when she's happy to see me

Claude when she's getting sleepy

Claude when she's asking for snuggles

Stephen cuddled up on the chair in Daddy's office

Allistair, taking over the entire couch

"Rub my belly?" 


I found some cute little gluten-free rolls and put the pulled "pork" (made from shredded carrots!)
on them for lunch the other day.
They were DELICIOUS and looked just like actual pulled pork!
I am craving some right now.

I'm going to make a big batch for my parents' SuperBowl party!
 Num num num.

 Cindy came over on Wednesday, and in spite of it being a chilly day, I wanted some sweet evening treat, and frozen banana-mango nice cream sounded just right.
It was probably the best one I've made yet - and serving it in my parents' 
cordial glasses was a heart-warming touch.
It makes me happy when pretty things I have came from someone(s) I love.

Greg got me some light umbrellas for filming my YouTube videos.
Here's how my current set-up looks:

I put lights on both sides with the umbrellas behind them to reflect lots of light back at me.

It's working great and I'm thankful every day for a husband who shares my mission and who supports me with words and deeds (and gifts!)

Happy Friday!

P.S.  Tune in to my next post, where I will share details of our next
BIG TRAVEL ADVENTURE, taking place soon!

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