Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fauna Everywhere + Walter

When she's not getting enough attention, Juvy comes around to the front door and sits on the sidewalk.

"Please may I come in?
I'm ever so pretty!"

And then she finds a place to sleep and enjoys every moment of it.
 Often with her little tongue poking out!

"I am happy right here on this blankie!"

"Thanks for letting me in, Momma!"

We have a family of Mockingbirds in our yard right now - they are LOUD
and really fun.  The cats love them and want to eat them. 

Here's his song that we get to hear each evening at dusk.

Little gecko on our screen!

Look at his cute little grippy feet!

 Stephen loves to watch the Verdin build their nest and the Mockingbirds congregate.

 Stephen slept on the fuzzy blankie and I had to document his sweet little jelly bean toes.

Then he posed upside down for me!

I was getting set up to film for my YouTube channel and Allistair decided he wanted to be famous, too.  He sat in my chair.

While I was out today, Allistair decided to snuggle up with Daddy.

He was very happy and sleepy. 

Daddy was happy, too.

And then today, he laid out on the new bench (thanks, Dad & Mom) that my parents got us as a generous anniversary gift.

Stretchy weasel!

Here's the bench in situ.
Isn't it cool?!

I wore a skirt the other day with a new mesh plaid blouse and sneakers.
blouse: from Ross
skirt: Target
sneakers, socks: Target

It was chilly in the morning, so I put on a sweater over the top.
sweater: Target

While I was taking those outfit photos, Allistair brought his favorite toy, Wanda the Whale, in and flopped down on the ground and looked at me, wondering why I was looking at myself in the mirror so much instead of snuggling HIM.

I didn't let it disturb me.

I'm going to get these sneakers in more colors because they're fab!

Until I was finished, and then I snatched him up and gave him kisses right on his little face!

The other day, I saw blue sparkles on the wall (under the clock - can you see them?)

Here's a close-up:

They were a product of the setting sun reflecting off this sparkly tree on the coffee table!

And later in the evening, I saw this little guy on the screen:

He's so cute!

Look at his amazing grippy feet!

I walked into my office one morning this week to find Allistair and Stephen "holding hands"
while taking a nap.
MUCH better than fighting!

 We've been doing a LOT of shopping lately!
Today we booked our rental car for New Zealand,
and on Friday I bought some luggage for our trip.

I also found this really cool little case . . .  

That opens up to reveal plastic boxes -
I'm going to use it as a travel box for jewelry!

My parents also bought us these gorgeous flowers as a Valentine's gift.
 They're very beautiful and the cats haven't even eaten them yet.

We added a new home addition - 
can you spot someone whose name might just be Walter? 

You're right!
Here he is: Walter the Whale!
Ahoy, there, Walter!
He's a great big rattan whale with little black button eyes
and we love him. 

 Every home needs some whimsy!

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