Thursday, February 25, 2016


Here's a pretty picture of a hot air balloon I took from the church parking lot on Sunday.
That's the picture to lure you in before I blind you with gross-ness!

I got in a little accident involving Stephen, claws, my face, and a sudden loud noise
and I had to have my face glued back together!

You can see the glue under my lip, and my lip is swollen
(though I have full lips even without accidents and it was more swollen the day after the accident than when I took these photos).

I'm recovering fine and my wounds are already much less noticeable.
Surprisingly, they never really hurt at all,
though there was quite a bit of blood from that one by my lower lip.
I'm pretty sure the main three scratches will leave scars, but I have some scar gel already and will start using it as soon as they aren't open wounds anymore.
I'm on the ball!

I put on a cute comfy outfit and went shopping with my Mom
and though I got a few looks of pity, it was fine.
From far away, you can't even tell!

Juvy still loves me!

And Greg hasn't been staying at work late or anything, so I suspect he doesn't think I'm completely hideous!

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