Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tuft & Needle + Goodbye Old Couch

I did some video editing in the morning with the help of Stephen!
He sat on my lap an purred for a long time.
It's a very soothing addition to a workday!

As I type this, Claude is on the desk next to my computer monitor purring.
It's cat music!

Around 11 am, our new mattress arrived!
Allistair claimed it right away. 

And he took a nap on it.

Claude was unbothered and went right on sleeping on the bed.

With her fuzzy toes!

We're happy that our mattress was made in the USA.

Rated very highly by Consumer Reports
and online reviews.

It comes all smooshed down and rolled up.

Here's what happens when it comes out of the box . . . 

and then . . . 

It was comfy right away!

Greg's silly face made me laugh, so the camera was shaking.

And then within five minutes, it's there, big as life and ready to go!
They recommend a few hours between unboxing and use, so we unboxed before dinner.
Greg said it had a bit of a smell, so he slept in the guest bedroom last night.
I slept on the new mattress and didn't notice any smell.
It was VERY comfortable and my limbs didn't fall asleep as they were doing with our old mattress.

And then Greg's friend Joe (thanks, Joe!)
helped him take our old couch to Goodwill.
My friend Cindy was here and we all had some moments of sadness, remembering all the good times with that couch.  It's been in the family for more than 15 years!

The house looks a lot bigger without two couches.

New Sofa is lovely and is getting settled in.

She doesn't want as many fuzzy cat blankets draped all over her beautiful skin, so I've removed many of the ones you see here to let her shine.

Obviously, the cats are getting used to her
(can you find two black cats on New Sofa?)

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