Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nieces & Sofa!

Del Taco has these light-up cacti on the ceiling!

My brother, Mark, and his lovely wife Jillian are in town with their girls for a week to visit Grandma and Grandpa and to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

We got to spend time with them on Monday (Greg was off work that day, so it worked out great!)

We had lunch at Del Taco,
where this big doggie, Harry, was enjoying the patio.

Esme couldn't wait to get out there and pet him.

Then Cora, Papa, and Grandma had to join in the fun.

What a good dog!

Esme was happy to wander around in the enclosed patio and wave at us through the window.

But Harry won the day.

Mama came out, too, and everyone wanted to take Harry home.
He's well insulated for those cold Minnesota winters!

After some naps and some time by the pool,
we headed to Barro's for pizza - yay!

Who's in that car behind us?

Oh, look!
It's Mark & Jillian!

Wings were consumed
(oops - I caught Greg mid-chew):

The sun went down:

And the little bistro lights came on
(after Grandma asked for them to be turned on - thanks, Grandma!):

The girlies got snuggles . . . 

and tosses and spins:

Here's a swirly photo taken with crazy wild Christie camera skillz:

I had a teeny bit of pizza left, and there were only huge boxes.

Yesterday, this Mockingbird was in our fountain:

Allistair and Stephen were watching carefully!

And Stephen discovered he could wedge himself in the sunny windowsill if he props himself up with his feet against the nightstand.

Silly weasel!

Around 10 in the morning, our new sofa arrived!
It came pillows first.

I was impressed with the delivery guys' tool door-protecting equipment.

They stationed it upside down to attach the feet
and the felt pads to protect the floor.

Stephen was definitely uncertain:

Eventually, he decided it was okay and unlikely to harm him.

I met Jen for lunch at the Original Chop Shop in downtown Chandler
("HISTORIC downtown Chandler"!)

We sat outside and the blue sky was beautiful through the cut-outs in the roof.

They have a fun play area with a huge "connect four" style game and a big chalkboard:

There are pretty murals on the walls:

And the food is delicious!!!!

Even the bathroom made me smile:

Later in the day, I came home and prepped my veggies for the week.
This week, my little tweak was sprinkling smoked paprika on my veggies before roasting them.
I don't know how I lived without this stuff previously!
It smells like barbecue sauce and adds a lovely smokey sweet flavor.

Oh dear . . . summer is coming . . . 
hopefully not TOO soon!

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  1. Greatpphotis and its fun seeing the new things arrive at your hose. The vase is very "you". Good jib!