Friday, March 18, 2016

Rearranging The Bedroom!

My adorable Mom (isn't she pretty?!) and I went shopping
last week.

Here's what I wore.
It started out chilly and then got warm.
Spring is definitely here.  90 degrees tomorrow - boo hoo!
jeans: Style & Co from Macy's
blouse, sweater, shoes, socks: Target
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction from Ross

I like these greens together.

When it got hot, I took off the sweater:
shoes: Steve Madden

While at TJ Maxx, we ran across this perfect bench.
I had mentioned that I would eventually like a textured bench at the foot of the bed in our master bedroom.  My Mom decided this was the one and she and my Dad bought it for us as an early Christmas present.   How generous!

Here's how it looks in our bedroom -
it fits perfectly right in between the little sticky-out pieces on the baseboard.
As if it had been made for US!

I LOVE the texture: 

It inspired me to rearrange things a bit and I made a little seating area over
in the corner:

My bedroom makes me happy!
 THANK YOU, Dad & Mom!

I bought this adorable hair dryer that makes me smile every time I see it!
Look at those patterns! 

It set off the smoke alarm the first time I used it;
I guess it smelled like burning plastic.

Some more outfits . . . 
pretty soon all I'll be wearing is summer dresses, which get kind of boring, so I'm taking every last opportunity for layers!
pants: SoHo from Ross
blouse: from Macy's
chambray shirt: H&M
bag: Betsey Johnson
socks: Target
shoes: Aerosoles

I LOVE these socks - found them on clearance at Target
and they have GOLD METALLIC stripes!
Three of my favorite things in ONE sock!

Here was a casual and comfy working at home outfit:
pants: Macy's
socks & shoes: Target
blouse: Ross

I like these light mesh blouses.

 I dressed up for my anniversary (hooray!)
dress; Calvin Klein
shoes: Steve Madden
bag: Betsey Johnson

denim jacket: from Ross

This is my favorite summer jacket because the sleeves are only elbow-length BUT they can be rolled up and buttoned so they're short sleeves.  It's cool.  Also, the jacket is cropped, so it ends right at my natural waist (flattering!)

We had a relaxed evening and we're thankful for every year together God has sent us.
Hopefully there will be many more!

And hopefully many more years of snuggles with these little fur babies.
We had a scare yesterday, when Allistair sniffed a highly toxic plant and Stephen actually ATE some of it . . . I thought I killed our cats after reading scariness online about that plant (which was given to us as an anniversary gift), but so far we haven't seen any of the deadly symptoms, so we're praying everyone is fine.  I didn't sleep last night because I was concerned about the fuzz buckets.

Claude wouldn't mind fewer cats in the house.
Perhaps she suggested that particular plant with devious motive.

 Everyone has been getting extra snuggles because of the reminder about how precious each life is!

Plus, could YOU resist that belly?!

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