Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Resurrection Sunday is a wonderful day!

New clothes are an Easter tradition since the first Christians

I happily found a dress at the last moment:
dress: Calvin Klein
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction
shoes: Aerosoles
nametag: not cool, but necessary!

And it's my favorite colors: blue and green
(with touches of mustard)!

 It started out at $119, but no way was I paying that!

Thank you, eBay, for providing me my dress for much less moolah!

Greg ran sound for three services on Sunday.

I got to hang out with students and other volunteers for two services and had a grand time.
I love holidays in my classroom!


I found a new lotion I LOVE that seems to work better for my sensitive and dry skin.
Andalou AGAIN . . . my whole skincare routine (and almost all my hair care) is from them now!
find it here

 This agate lamp is a gift from my brother and his family for our anniversary and
it's gorgeous!
We're still working on finding the best place for it.  It's a rock, so we need to keep it somewhere stable because if it falls, it could crack the tile.

Moving right along to some snuggle baby photos!



Look at those bright eyes! 

He likes to droop like a sloth: 

Look at that handsome face!
He has a lot of whiskers. 


Little fuzzy paw:

My parents headed back to Minnesota early this morning.
I miss you already!
last dinner at Barro's for the year

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