Monday, March 14, 2016

Trip To Prescott With The Folks

jeans: Style & Co from Macy's
sneakers, socks: Target
camisole: Target
blouse: Ross

I wore navy & red . . . and then wished I hadn't.
I love navy and then remember that I don't like how it looks next to my face.

I went over to my parents' so we could embark for our day trip! 

 I love the place names as we drive up north.
Happy Valley!

We saw lots of Saguaros.

On top of the Mogollon Rim, the grasses and wildflowers were blooming
in beautiful yellows and greens. 

We stopped at Sunset Point rest stop, as usual.
 There's my Dad!

The view is always beautiful.
Right now it was extra beautiful due to all the textures and colors: 

It was windy! 

We were careful and decided to stay on the sidewalks: 

 We found our exit!

Once we arrived in downtown Prescott, we walked to a restaurant that advertised online as having gluten-free vegan burgers.
The server suggested I not eat there if I really needed to be gluten-free.
So we walked to a different restaurant across the square and down a little bit.
We saw this cool timeline of all the history related to Arizona.
The things with "P" next to them are related to Prescott in some way.

We found the Raven Cafe!

The table on the patio was interesting with these rocks embedded in it. 

And there was a beautiful lattice sunshade.
Can you spot my parents (on the left)? 

There was also a mosaic wall: 

and a lovely view:

There's the Raven! 

We did a little browsing after lunch. 

And saw some neat buildings: 

. . . and interesting shops
(can you spot me in a mirror?): 

This is the courthouse:

Eventually, we stopped for ice cream
(can you spot me again?): 

Our server, Astor, was a dollface and spoke with all sort of 1920s terms.
She was wearing 1920s-style clothes, make-up, and hair, too.

There she is on the left! 

The restaurant had a lovely tin ceiling.

Then we checked out the famous vinegar and olive oil shop. 

This cruet has a spot for vinegar and a spot for oil, and a person can pour out just one or just the other! 

My Dad found a candy shop and bought some chocolate of some kind . . . 

The shop building used to be the Bashford Burmister Company.

We learned a little more about the history of Prescott from the signs: 

And we saw the Palace Saloon: 

 Serving Arizona's toughest customers since 1877!

The wooden piece behind the bar was beautiful.

As was the ceiling:

And some etched glass between the swinging doors and the real doors

My parents behind the swinging doors: 

 The swinging doors were hung on this beautiful arch:

We wandered through a few art galleries . . . 

And saw this great wall hanging - it was the 10 commandments translated into "cowboy":

There were dandelions blooming in the central park:

in honor of those lost in the war with Spain 

It got chillier and windier throughout the day, and when we left it was 64.

On the way home, I saw Humphreys Peak with snow! 

And Dad chose to drive carefully.
It is spring break, so there probably are crazies out there . . .  

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