Thursday, March 10, 2016

Three Outfits, Cats, A Bird

Outfit #1:

Well, obviously it can't be too spring-like or I wouldn't be wearing pants and layers!
This week has been cooler again (slightly), and it's only been getting into the 80s, which is LOVELY.
Perfect for having all the windows wide open with the birds singing and the breezes blowing.

pants: Soho
blouse: Macy's
chambray shirt: H&M
bag: Betsey Johnson
socks, sneakers: Target

Outfit #2:

The other day, I showed you this new ditsy-floral print mesh blouse,
and I wore it on Sunday, so I thought I'd show you the outfit.

socks: Target (gold sparkles!)
shoes: Aerosoles (black sparkles!)

bag: Kenneth Cole Reation (from Ross)

I wore a green camisole under the blouse - you can just see it here:
jacket: Maison Jules from Macy's
camisole from Banana Republic

Outfit #3:

blouse: Target
sweater: WalMart (please don't tell)
pants: SoHo from Ross
socks, sneakers: Target
bag: Betsey Johnson from Ross


Betsey Johnson from Ross

Dots on dots!!!!

Bonus: cats!

 Stephen has taken to sleeping on this rug at the end of the bed.

Sleepy baby!

 Claude prefers to have the room entirely to herself, but she can handle someone else there as long as that someone is pretty far away.

We had X-Files night on Monday, and Allistair ended up like this:

Most of the time he was touching Daddy with his front paws
and Mommy with his back paws.
He loves his people. 

I got a good glimpse of this Northern Mockingbird,
who was singing in our front Sweet Acacia tree, too!



Happy Thursday!

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