Friday, December 21, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Three things that have made me very happy this week!

#1: NOG!

I don't recall ever having tried traditional egg nog, though I'm sure my parents exposed me to it at some point.  This struck my fancy at the grocery store today.  No eggs, and no dairy, either.  I don't mind dairy in baked goods or foods, and I LOVE Fage Greek Yogurt (I eat some every single day), but I don't like liquid dairy products (milk).  I really have enjoyed So Delicious' other products (Frozen Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Coconut Milk?  WOW!  Chocolate Coconut Milk?  Yes, please!), and I'm glad I gave this one a try.  I sort of expected egg nog to taste like sweetened condensed milk, and it sort of does!  This nog is thick and sweet with hints of baking goods.  Highly recommended - two thumbs up!

#2:  Fresh Pineapple!

I never really thought of getting fresh pineapple, for some reason (it's spiky and unfriendly-looking, and I thought it would be difficult to break into, I think), but my Mother-In-Law served some for dessert (naturally gluten-free!) when we were visiting her last month, and it was delicious!  Whenever it's cheap, I will know it's time to buy lots more.  A couple of weeks ago, they were 99 cents apiece, but now they're up to $1.99 - still probably deeee-licious, though!

#3:  Food Boxes for Open Arms Care Center in Gilbert, AZ

Sun Valley is doing a fight against hunger as their special Christmas drive this year, so we are filling our boxes and we will drop them off on our last weekend there (can't believe our last week is here!)  There was a list of items to purchase for each box (would have totaled $20.02 if we had purchased everything at Wal-Mart, which of course we did not - we chose Target).  Each box was supposed to have Macaroni & Cheese, soups, rice, beans, peanut butter, jelly, spaghetti & sauce, canned chicken, packaged cookies, and some other things.  

In this picture, Greg is attempting valiantly to fit all the nonperishable foods into the boxes!  It was definitely a puzzle to fit all the food in the boxes!

Happy Friday!

-Christie (and Greg)


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