Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spur Cross Recreation Area

a piece of dead cactus

Since it's my first weekend not heading up "my" team, I thought I might need a little distraction, so I went for a nice hike this morning.  I decided to try a different trail at the Spur Cross Recreation Area (where Cindy and I hiked on Christmas Eve).  I eventually ended up on the Elephant Mountain trail, which was completely empty on my way up.  Lovely.

The trees continue to change into even more beautiful colors in the canyon

Why NOT to touch a prickly pear cactus!

Why NOT to touch an ocotillo!

The best trails are labeled like this:
It means that very few other people will be there!
This is what the "not maintained" trail looked like!


Don't worry, though; I wear my Road ID, so that if I get lost or lose my memory suddenly, the rescuers will know whom to call!

Cave Creek (the city where this trailhead is located) has the best signage!  They are all unique.

This one made me laugh especially!  It says, "Noise Ordinance Enforced" and the little black sign underneath says that there's an 80 decibel noise limit!!!  I was a little nervous to sing along to my iPod!

Look at the beautiful textures and colors.  This area has a gorgeous palette of many colors - the dirt comes in red, yellow, white, and black.  Most areas in this part of the state are just brown.

Here is a turkey vulture.

I wonder who lives here?  Gila Monster?  Rattlesnake?  Gopher?

This is a very very large wash.  A "wash" is an area where water runs when there IS water.  For example, when there's a lot of rain, the run off would rush through this area.  I felt like an Israelite, walking through the river on dry land!

On to kitties!!!

Hands UP!!

Baltazar allowing Allistair to snuggle him

Bjarne's tail wrapped around Allistair's neck!

Close up of the sweet little white face

Stephen and Allistair snuggling

Stephen being his cutesy self!

Only two more days of 2012!


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