Monday, December 3, 2012

Secret Revealed!

Allistair loves crinkly crunchy bags.  Especially the bags their food comes in!  Not only are those crinkly, they also smell like yummy food!  He grabs the bags (with or without food in them) and drags them all around the house.  He bites them and kicks them and shakes them (in order to break their necks, you see!) and if there happens to be food in them, it dribbles everywhere through the puncture holes he makes.  When the bag is empty, he carries it around, prancing on the tips of his toes, because he's proud to have hunted such a big prey!!!

And here is our Christmas tree:

And here is the SURPRISE I have been hinting at for the last couple of weeks!

Beautiful new flooring!  Greg has done a FANTASTIC job and it's gorgeous!  The baseboards have yet to be put on, and we haven't installed the transition pieces between the rooms, but just LOOOOOOOK at it!  Down the hallway from my office to the master bedroom:

 From the middle of the hallway towards my office:

Hope your week has started out great!

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