Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Keeping Warm

The cats have been especially cute lately because it's been very chilly here.  This means that this is a very video-heavy post.

Even though we live in the desert, we get cold winter nights.  This morning when I got up (around 7:30), it was 37 outside!  We keep it at 68 or so in the house, and our cats are desert cats - they expect warmth.  So they're doing a lot of snuggling.  They make me sleepy.  Of course, the kittens are still doing plenty of naughty things and keeping me from working too hard . . .

Kittens in the laundry basket!  Tons of fun.

Baltazar has been lots perkier!  He loves playing with this little fuzzy pink ball.

Kittens are very sweet to each other!

I bought a pink sparkly collar with a bell (to alert the birdies when she gets near), and she hated it (I may try again), so I put it on the coffee table, but the kittens stole it!

More laundry basket cavorting!

Allistair with catnip!

Stephen getting a bath from Allistair.

Baltazar deigning to lick Allistair's ear a teeny bit.

Stephen giving lovey snuggle bites.

Allistair loves his mousies, and he loves his bubble wrap (thanks for that great present, Grandma!)

Claude enjoying catnip!

Criss-cross kittens!

New toys!!!

Snuggle bites:

In the morning, the bathroom has a big splotch of sunshine, and Allistair comes in to roll around in it and chase his tail.

Hope you're having a wonderful week so far!


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