Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beloved Black Bag + A Demi-Jacket

Ahhh . . . the joys of a new bag!!!
This one is from Betsey Johnson, and I ordered it from Amazon yesterday.
Thankfully, I even had some bonus points to take the cost down a bit.
It should arrive tomorrow (thanks to the wonder of AmazonPrime!)
I don't have a functional black bag/purse right now, and I looked at three different Ross stores and three different TJMaxx stores over the last couple of weeks.  No one has just the right size and just the right bag for me.  

So since I'm having a low-energy week, I decided some online browsing would cheer me up.
I found this delicious and delightful bag with flowers!
The little label on the front even has small stripes.

I'll post more pictures when it arrives, but I believe this bag and I are going to have a
long and happy relationship!

Here's what I'm wearing today

(Notice the detritus on the floor in the background?
That's because I'm SLOWLY clearing out the closet and the dresser to prepare
for all the home repair and renovation work that's coming up SOON!)

dress: Calvin Klein
tank: Target
socks: Target
slippers: from Macy's

So cute little deer on my slippers!
These are my favorite slippers ever.

Another new favorite thing is this denim jacket.

But look!
It's only HALF a denim jacket (a demi-jacket?)!
Not only is it cropped at just the right spot, it also has 3/4 length, roll-up sleeves!

dress: Calvin Klein

With a different dress (sheath, not wrap) to show how cute it is with

tag still attached, mirror dusty!

Love the buttons, love the sleeves, love the color.  It's great!

And see?  It hits right at the slimmest point of my waist - perfect!

Juvy burrowed into this blanket tonight and was happy.

We had a fun yoga session yesterday.
Allistair got involved.

And Stephen sat (weirdly sideways!) on the chair next to me.

Cute little monkey.

He's shooting me sleepy vibes . . . 

Gotta get in my jammies and head for bed now . . . 


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