Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Minnesota - Day 4

Day four of my trip was pleasantly slow.

I needed some groceries, so I ventured out.

I saw the above goose honking away by the post office!
I asked him if he was okay, but all he did was honk.

I drove by my old high school.

And I went into Wisconsin (about 15 minutes to the east of my parents' house)
to the closest health food store (pay attention, grocers, my parents need another health food store closer to them!).  

In the evening, we lounged in my Mom's huge bed

and watched TV!  It was lovely!

If you're wondering, that pillow above is a wedge pillow, and it served my Mom's needs amazingly well.  Thanks to my friend Shawna for recommending it!  It helps the person stay at exactly the right angle to be most comfortable, as a person would be in a hospital bed.

If you'll be having surgery, get one!

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