Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Minnesota - Day 5

By day 5, we were sort of used to a schedule of medication and care, so I 
enjoyed the beautiful cool weather and went for a looong walk.

I wore this:
shoes: Simple
socks: Target
pants: SoHo Apparel Ltd
blouse: Merona from Target
sweater: Merona from Target
coat: Merona from Target

Lots of leaves everywhere, but the grass is starting to turn green already.
I had forgotten that Minnesota spring smells different from Minnesota fall.

I saw this siren near my parents' neighborhood - 
it sounds when a tornado is nearby and it can be heard for miles.

The robins were out and frolicking!

I was bewitched by the tree branches.

I walked to my old elementary school . . . 

it's in an idyllic setting - this is what's behind it!

In third grade, our teacher took us into the forest and we gathered water from the pond to look at under the microscope.  We were all surprised to find little creatures in it!

Here's my third grade school picture:

I adore this picture because third grade was my favorite year of elementary school and I look truly happy.  I also LOVED this outfit.  I would still wear it today!

There were beautiful trees everywhere.

And then I found the pond!

 There were gorgeous roots poking up from the ground.

I loved the thick green moss on this rock.

 Look at these little fungi on this log!  Aren't they beautiful?

And this leaf was just waiting for me to take its portrait!

That's my reflection in one of the windows of the school.

And that's my reflection in the door of the school.

Thanks for the education, Eagle Point!

Tune in tomorrow . . . 
I dug up some more childhood photos while I was in Minnesota and you don't want to miss them!

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