Friday, April 10, 2015

Minnesota - Day 7

Time to fly home to Arizona. 
I was sad to leave, but also happy to get home and to see Greg
and the fuzzy babies.

Goodbye, Minneapolis!

I like how the sun is always shining above the clouds on a gray day!

It makes me happy when all the flat green turns to brown bumps and spikes. 

Almost there!

Made it!  That's downtown Phoenix.

The skies were glorious blue and the temperature in the 70s. 

 I unfortunately arrived at rush time, so I had a lot of time to admire
the lovely freeway art!

But eventually I made it home!

My Mom had a little hiccup in her recovery - a few sutures appear to have come loose.
She is scheduled for a follow-up outpatient procedure on Tuesday.
I wish I could be in two places at once!

Here are some rewards for the day; more childhood photos!

I have always loved cats from the moment I knew my own mind.
Here is my snuggling a little baby kitty named Spice.

This is special because it's a family photo 
(with my uncle John, far left, and my cousin Kara, far right),
but it's also the only photo I have of that Pac-Man shirt, which my Dad brought back from a business trip for me and which I LOVED as long as I could wear it.
Also, my Mom decorated the house every holiday and it was always adorable.

Love the pink gingham and my smiling face - I've always been excited by new outfits!

Here is me reading to my brother.  This is just sweet.
Looks like a Sesame Street book.

Here's how I got curls!

This is a lovely family snow day during Christmastime.
The beautiful tree and decorations are up, Mom & Mark were snuggling,
and I was reading a book (quietly but not separate from my family).
My Dad was there, too, but taking the photo, obviously!

My Dad built us stilts!
And that was my favorite little jacket - in the prettiest, silkiest blue fabric.
I wore it all the time.

And here's how Superman and WonderWoman TRULY look!

Happy Friday!

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