Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Stephen & Allistair!

Allistair and Stephen are THREE YEARS OLD today!

I know this because three years ago tomorrow, I came home one afternoon,
parked my Cube in the driveway, and heard multiple tiny little "mew" sounds coming 
from the rosemary bush planted next to our driveway.

I looked inside and saw lots of fluffy little bodies, one of them pure white.
I have always wanted a white kitten (what little girl doesn't?!)
The next morning they were gone.

BUT . . . as I was taking Juvy to the vet (she got mastitis after giving birth to her set of kittens a few weeks earlier), I saw a tiny little white kitten wandering around our front yard HOWLING and saw his siblings huddled in a little corner by our front silver cassia bush.
I grabbed him and took him to the vet with us.

That little kitten was Allistair!

But here are some photos that will warm your heart
even if it's two sizes too small, like the heart of the Grinch.

Stephen, all clean and flea-free!
Eye-infection-free, too!

Lil' Allistair, all clean and healthy:

Huge bat ears!

Wrapped up like a burrito!

Siblings from the litter (all different!)
Judith, Allistair, Stephen, Lionel

Allistair - I thought he was dirty all the time, but
some of it was his coloring starting to develop.

Some of it was probably oil, though!

Stephen was extremely nervous and shy.
When we first captured them and started their eye medication
and anti-flea drops, Stephen would hiss and spit and claw and try to get away.

I decided that I didn't want him to ever have to be afraid again
(even though he frequently IS afraid, he's not really in danger!)

He's still on the anxious side, but these diffusers make an amazing 
difference in his personality.
Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser

When they are filled up and working right, he is really loving and sweet and calm.

Awww - little kitten loving on his Daddy!

 Teeny tiny Stephen nosey!

Allistair always used to eat with his front feet in the bowl!

And then they started growing and getting funnier and 
sweeter and more comfortable.


Even Stephen!
But for a looong time (sometimes still!),
he couldn't eat wet food without getting it all over his face and nose!

They liked to chew on things.

And sleep!

And snuggle.

They were very curious!

And absolutely the cutest little things.

They liked to keep me company.

And they liked to sleep (did I mention that?!)

They started to get along a little better with our more mature cats.
Stephen and Bjarne got along best.
Allistair and Baltazar liked each other.

Watching birdies started quite young!

And playing in bags was always a favorite activity!

And Stephen liked drooping over the edge of things from a very early age!

Hope you enjoyed this trip back through time
and all the pictures of some of the cutest (and okay, I admit it, silly-looking!)
kittens in the history of kittendom!!!

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