Saturday, April 4, 2015

Minnesota Day 1

Well, it's time to catch you all up on my trip to Minnesota to help my Mom and Dad
after her surgery.

She's recovering well, by the way.
The details are not mine to share, but thanks VERY MUCH to those of you who have been praying or thinking of us.

I love the bitty little airplanes on the carpet in the airport!

 The airport in Minneapolis has beautiful mosaics in the bathrooms!

My Dad took the scenic route home for me.

We drove past the Mississippi river.

Into Saint Paul, the state capitol.

Here's some of downtown Saint Paul:

The moon was up!

If you look closely, you can see a teeny little airplane to the right of the moon!

We saw the Schmidt brewery.

 In the middle of the Mississippi River is Harriet Island, where music festivals are held
(Greg went Lalapalooza there!)

Here are some barges.
My dorm in college (Sanford Hall) was right on the Mississippi River, and 
I heard the distinctive sound of the barge boats all the time. 
It's a very deep, soothing noise.

The train tracks run right along the bluffs by the river.

I couldn't get enough of the branches against the blue sky with the moon smiling away.

And the clouds began to roll in.

Then we got home to Oakdale!

My hair was all staticky, so I put it in braids and we went to get 
specialized groceries for me.
me, Mom!

Guess where we went!

Got lots of healthy foods.  Thank you, Target!

Here's what I wore to travel:
shoes: Aerosole
pants: from Macy's - can't remember the brand - oops!
dress: Calvin Klein
coat: Merona from Target

I wore just the dress onto the plane, and put the leggings on when I got cold
(about half-way through the flight).

More tomorrow . . . 

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