Sunday, April 5, 2015

Minnesota - Day 3

This was the big day.

This hospital had some beautiful art.

And comfortable areas to wait.
Even a lovely fireplace!

We waited for many hours.

I read this book, which I enjoyed (obviously I'll need to read it again because
I wasn't really very focused).  I got some creative ideas from it even though I was distracted.

I also finished two crossword puzzles from the newspaper.

We walked past this beautiful stained glass window to get to my Mom's hospital room.

Room 104!

Initially, there was trouble getting appropriate pain control because
my Mom can't take narcotics.  Eventually we got there, but it was too long and completely unacceptable because my parents had talked to the surgeons extensively on this topic beforehand.
There will be some discussions in the future, I'm sure.

After things settled down, I went to the chapel and did some yoga.

ANOTHER gorgeous stained glass window!
It was very soothing and calming, and the yoga worked out my kinks from the airplane and from sitting in uncomfortable straight chairs.

I wore this outfit.

And on the way out, I saw three of myself in the curved front window!

My Dad was RIGHT, those mares tail clouds DID mean rain!

Home to sleep . . . 

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