Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6 AM Walk + Living Room

Our great room is finally getting back in order!
I have had quite a bit of energy and stamina over the past few weeks (thank You, Jesus!), so I've kept chugging along, slowly cleaning and sorting and reorganizing and putting things where I want them (nesting!)

Allistair would rather be asleep.

I mentioned that because I've been feeling so well, I now wake up at a normal time (6 AM or so) and go for an early-morning walk.  It's still in the 80s, with a UV index of 12 (!), so it's quite hot, but it's better than waiting or doing it in the evening (the coolest time is in the early morning).

This morning, it was partly cloudy.

Right now, all our plants are blooming - and it's colorful!

Bougainvillea (gorgeous, but horrible spikes!)

 Red Bird Of Paradise Bush:

Dwarf Palm Tree:

Pink Lantana:

Red Lantana:

 Yellow Lantana:

Most of today I have spent slowly getting the great room back in shape.
The last teeny little touch ups are going to done late in the afternoon today (hopefully).
There's a weird bit of wrong-colored paint in Greg's office closet and some grout by the dishwasher that isn't complete.

Here's what you would see if you walked in our front door right now.

If you sat on the couch and looked at the sliding glass door, you'd see this:

 Close-up of the seating area by the sliding glass door and the curtains:

Neat-o curtain pattern!
They let in a lot of lovely diffuse light!

Allistair already has taken to them.

Kitchen at the moment (bench under the window for cats to look out at bird feeder):
Still sort of empty looking.

Looking back at the entryway and dining room:

Looking at the "library" and Foosball area
(books are all still in boxes!):

Lots of work still to go, but it's looking homey and feeling cozy (yet cool!),
so it's happy work.


During my meditation time after yoga the other night, Juvy came over and laid on my tummy.
It was a great time of quiet and stillness with a purring cat on me!!!
Highly recommended; would purchase again!

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