Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Renovation, Part 2 - Day 9: Tiling

Because construction has been going on at our house, I got the brilliant idea of filming my videos at the library in one of the study rooms!

On my way, I saw this Superman . . . apparently, they're doing a reading contest and he's a super reader.

Here's the great little study room on my first day of filming 
(Chandler Library, Sunset Branch).
The burnt orange wall was a lovely background,
and I found the environment VERY conducive to work.
I might film here even when I have an available house to use because
there's just not much to distract me!

And look at the view: BOOKS, one of my favorite things!

The tilers tend to leave the windows and doors wide open and lots of bugs get in . . . 
we have mosquitoes and flies.

Poor me!

But the tile in Greg's office is all installed!
Just grout is left.

Tile is partially laid in the guest bathroom!

and tile is installed in my office
(still ungrouted).

View from my office down the hall towards the master bedroom:

Greg's office on the left, hall to master bedroom on the right:

Tile is installed into the two hall closets.

Juvy spent some time inside, but she was on the alert!

And very pretty:

Eventually, she relaxed a bit.

 Pretty tile makes me feel HAPPY!

Greg documented everything, too. 

Allistair was racing around.
He went into the master bedroom and rolled all around all over the floor.

They noticed a FLY in the blinds.

The sun set over another day of construction!

May you see many blessings scattered on your day!


  1. It's getting close!!!! Bet you're having a hard time waiting for everyone to leave. Looks so very nice, though, that you can't get too upset, and you found a great spot to record your videos!!!!! A side benefit. Sorry about all those little red bumps. :(

  2. this is dad From all that shopping, you have had way way too much time off.

    Sure looks nice in the house though. Sorry about Gregs stone, hope it releases.