Monday, June 1, 2015

Surprise Bathroom Redo + Inspirations!!!

Look!  The guest bathroom has been painted!
The peeling border has been removed and there's been retexturing and the new paint looks amazing!
It's like a new bathroom!

Here's what happened . . . 

we requested that a new light fixture be put in as part of our house revamp, not realizing where 
the holes on the edges of the prior, longer fixture were located.  
In order to fix the holes, the wall needed to be patched, retextured, and painted . . . 
but the paint in the bathroom wasn't the same color as the paint elsewhere else in the house.
So in order to fix that light fixture, we pretty much needed to paint the bathroom.
And if we needed to paint the bathroom, we needed to have the border removed and that area retextured.  But we didn't know this in advance.  I mentioned it to Martin, our paint guy, and he explained that that stuff wouldn't take long and that I should talk to the head contractor about it.

Bryan, the head guy, came over this evening and when we brought up the issue, he said, "Can you show me?"  When we went in there to show him what we wanted to negotiate, it was already done!  And he had approved it!  
It's an extra big blessing/miracle for us in this process.
It's sort of a compensation for the tile guys not showing up when they've said they would and not communicating as well as they could have.

Doesn't look great due to stuff in the tub and no pretties, but
doesn't the paint look beautiful?
It's a pretty sheen due to the semi-gloss texture.  I love it!

It's looking like a brand new house! 

All our future baseboard corner pieces are waiting on the counter to be installed!

Bryan said he expects two to three more days of tilework and tidying, but he expects to do the final walk-through on Friday.  That would be great!


My Mom asked in a comment on the previous post about why I decided to add gold accents.
I thought it was just a whim and that I was leaning towards those things, but when I looked at my inspiration photos, many of them had gold accents!


Gold sunburst mirror, gold bowl on coffee table, 
gold hedgehog sculptures in bookshelves, some other gold details on bookshelves:
from Smitten Studio

Gold mirrors on sides of TV:
from House*Tweaking

Gold lighting figure, gold sculptures on console table:
from Smitten Studio

Gold starburst sculptures on the wall:
from House*Tweaking

 Gold mirror, gold vase, gold side table,
gold mirror on bowl:
from A House In The Hills

Gold lamp, a little yellow picked up in the bedding:
from House*Tweaking

Now it makes sense to me why I chose to add some gold!

And check out this glorious vision of golden holiday loveliness:
from Smitten Studio

Until tomorrow . . . 

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  1. Wow, looking fabulous...I have gold fixtures...should I leave them ??? Nope cause they aren't cool like yours...