Monday, June 1, 2015

Renovation, Part 2 - Day 7 & 8: Losing Track!

We are trying to be calm and remain positive, but we are tired and were sort of grumpy over the weekend.  Okay, *I* was a little grumpy over the weekend.  Greg was just listless and unfocused.
It's weird to have people in the house a LOT and to have everything messy.
At the same time, we realize what a blessing it is to have our house updated!

I took a picture of this view because with the late afternoon light coming in at just that angle, the walls looked beautiful to me; like a work of art in themselves!

Since the paint was all dry and nothing was newly painted yesterday, we
let the cats roam freely.
Stephen ate a few flies and got snuggles.
Allistair just got snuggles.

Stephen crawled all over us for a while and drooped across our laps, and then he fell asleep in the middle of the mess on a stack of soft blankies.

Claude got snuggles, too.  
Then she found the towel we've been using to wipe up dust footprints.
It's her throne. 

She is a full 2" higher than the surrounding floor!

Juvy enjoyed the coolness of the inside.

Widdle fuzzy face!

And Allistair's position got weird and weirder.

It has not been cool anymore.  Summer is here.
And I guess my new operating system (Lollipop!) gives me a cactus when it's "HOT".
Yesterday our thermometer got to 106.5.

This morning Juvy came in for a bit while just one guy was painting (quietly except for the Ranchero music).  Her tongue was WAY out!

She's just adorable!!!

I took a detour into Ross today and bought a couple of house things.

I got a new runner for our dining room table.
It brings in the metallic gold a little more, though you can't really see it well in photographs.

Only $6.99!

And I found this tray (for our coffee table) that has blue zig-zag stripes
gold around the edges
(it was even on clearance and nothing's wrong with it)!

This little porcelain container was on clearance, too ($5.96, I think).
It's going to be for storing stuff!  
Maybe earrings/jewelry.
Maybe cotton balls and Q-Tips.
Maybe secret messages.
Maybe snacks!

Don't they look pretty together?!

Tiling was supposed to be happening today, but it's not;
we're not sure why.

But detail painting is being done and our blinds and towel holders are being reinstalled.

Oh - a hose broke and sprayed paint on our garage door, so they have to repaint that and a little bit of our outer wall, too.  I'm impressed with Greg that he has the name of the paints and the colors from when we repainted outside in 2008!  What a guy!


  1. Your new house accessories look wonderful. What made you consider the gold accent? I wouldn't have thought about it. Looks nice.

  2. Mostly I started adding gold accents by accident when I saw some spiky sculpture things at Target and Cindy told me that the curtains would look really great with them (will post about them in my next post!), and then I came home and looked at my inspiration photos again and realized that gold is everywhere in those pictures! I must have been subconsciously influenced! I'm glad you think it looks nice. :)