Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cats & Calm

The cats are happy to announce that no construction workers came yesterday or today.
They have been enjoying lots of snuggles and lots of comfy sleep.

Greg & I aren't extra happy about it, though.
The tilers haven't been the most dependable people so far.
On Monday, they didn't show up, which meant that Martin couldn't install the baseboards or finish his detail paintwork.
On Tuesday they did show up, but they didn't finish what they were supposed to finish.
And I didn't notice at the time, but they took all their tools (including the tile saw) when they left.
They said they'd be back on Wednesday to finish.
But Wednesday morning came and went, and they did not show up.
I have been working at the library while tiling has been going on because it's noisy (not the tiling itself, but the Ranchera music!)
After all day with that music, I was falling asleep still hearing it . . . 

. . . 

so I went to the library and worked in the afternoons and it was lovely.
Quiet, nice backdrops for my videos, and it smells like books!

Look at this pretty turquoise room!

I love this artwork!!!
Looks sort of like my yard!

Well, as I was planning to head to the library on Wednesday, I thought I would call the head man to let him know that I was planning to leave and the tile guys weren't here, meaning that the door would be locked, so if they arrived now, it would be too late.
He called me very quickly and said he had no idea and asked if the tools were gone.
Turns out the tilers have gone missing!
Unless they stole something major from us and took off, I don't understand why they would work on Tuesday and then just not show up on Wednesday, but we haven't yet found anything missing.

So the head guy couldn't find any more tilers until tomorrow, meaning that we've had two days in the middle of this process with no progress at all.  Not super great.
But I admit that two quiet days have been lovely.
I don't like that we're still living in disarray and that everything's been held up, but I have high hopes that it will be finished soon and we'll be able to move back into our home.

We are tired and sort of grouchy, but we're managing okay still.

And as I mentioned, the cats are happy!

Allistiar Blue-Eyes:

Stephen, sleeping on pillowcases:

Claude, the Princess:

Look what I found on our front sidewalk - 
Looks like birdies are hatching!

Tomorrow at 7 AM more tilers should arrive to hopefully finish the job tomorrow . . .
I'll keep you informed!

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