Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blooming Cacti & Dumpster Removed

One of our tiny little cacti is blooming!
And unlike all our other cacti, this one's blooms stay open all day long and
are a beautiful bright orange.

They've been making me happy all day long.

A big huge tow truck came and picked up our dumpster on Friday.
Construction is over!

We're not ready to share the "after" photos yet because we got really busy and haven't been able to put things back yet.

Well, a few things are back.
This bench, for example.

But it and the lamp are the only things in my office!

And Greg needed to work this week, so his desk is back where it belongs.

It is getting really hot here now.  Poo.

But in the mornings it's still in the low 80s.
I've been walking in the mornings (since the construction got me used to getting out of bed at six am, I thought I might as well keep it up and use that time well!)

Cats don't know it's hot outside.
They are still super snuggly and nice.

Sweet little sleepy eyes.

Juvy was in most of the afternoon because it was so hot.
Can you spot her on top of the blue blanket?

Allistair taking a nap on my lap.

Claude took a nap on the arm of the couch.

Look at that sweet little profile!

"Yes, I know I'm beautiful.  Please back away."

Happy Saturday!

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