Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shelving & Fuzzies

We continue to slowly put things in order in our newly finished home.

Obviously, we're not finished yet!
But I'm having a friend over for dinner on Thursday, so that's a good motivator!

These three shelves from my office were in the dining room yesterday
until we moved them to my office again - yay!

Here's what they look like, all set up in my office.

Cozy and functional.

Reorganized bathroom:

We have left the baskets under the Foosball table and Juvy likes to sleep on the blankets in them
while she's inside escaping the hot afternoons.

This little hummingbird was sitting in the aloe vera plant with his little wings spread out to get as much cool breeze as possible.  The aloe vera plant is very close to our fountain, and every few minutes, the hummingbird would fly into the stream of the fountain to get some water. 

Because it was HOT!

The whole of last week was HOT.

Allistair doesn't know that it's hot outside;
he just knows that he wants to sleep with his belly up.

. . . unless he feels like sleeping in the tray on the coffee table.

Cute widdle nosey.

This is Greg's computer chair that he uses in his office, but Claude has kidnapped it.

And she's happy about it.

While the bed was still in the kitchen, Juvy liked to lie on it and watching the birdies.
Though she also likes to sleep with her belly up towards the sky!

Stephen is happy to be relaxed again and able to droop off the arms of the couch.

Last Friday I went to a conference.

The drive was beautiful.

The freeway is under construction, and the Saguaro that are going to be planted along that section of road were all lined up, supported by tripods of 2x4s.

The view of the mountains was beautiful.

And the hotel was the coolest ever!

It was a good conference, too - very interesting data.
I love learning new stuff, especially when it's helpful.

New dress by Emma & Michele.

Pretty summery colors!

And pink shoes!

As part of updating the house,
I reorganized the kitchen cabinets.
Pretty, isn't it?!

And I needed some glasses with no feet to minimize drippage during the hot summer,
and I found them for a great price at TJ Maxx!
Aren't they pretty?

Our sheets got a rip - oh no!

I decided (okay, Greg encouraged me) to sew it and fix it.

I did great!!!
It's an x-shaped zig-zag seam right where Stephen is sitting.

There was a little bitty rip up near the top of the sheet, and I sewed that, too.
I'm not the best sewer, but my work did the trick!

Happy, productive, energetic days here;
hope you are having similar ones!


  1. I'm impressed with your sewing ability!! Something like that is not easy. I adore the way you've been redoing your house. It's absolutely great and A LOT OF WORK!!!! Good job.

  2. this is Dad, very trendy. Love the new look. I know how much work that is so congratulations to you both for surviving it. You must be so happy.