Monday, June 18, 2012


This is Juvy writing again - I have to say that I am proud to be recovery very well from surgery!  I have excellent pain medication (the kittens tried to lick the cap today, but Christie put a stop to that quickly) and lots of calm rest.  I'm thankful not to be outside today, since the thermometer says 108.6, and that's in the shade!

The kittens have been successful at helping Bjarne not hate them, but he tires of their antics quickly.

When they're done playing with Bjarne and racing everywhere attacking things, there's always exploring to be done!  For example, these machines in the laundry room:

And they are cute all over the place.  Here are a bunch of adorable photos of my babies.

Orca & Otter snuggling on the chest by the window in my office:


Ermine some more (notice how she has dried wet food on her nose?  She's very skinny and we're trying to fatten her up, but all that happens is that her tummy gets really chubby and she burps.  Her extremities remain extremely spindly!):

Ermine looking alert!

Ermine looking sleepy:

Ermine on the windowsill:

Orca: "Paws up!"

Orca with paws down:

Orca, ready for abdominal surgery:

Otter and Ermine on their favorite fuzzy blankie:

Otter watching the camera cord: 

Otter ready for abdominal surgery!

Otter in the sunshine:

They're adorable!  Right now everyone is sleeping because they've been racing around like crazies.  I am headed off to sleep myself because that nummy pain medication says on the bottle, "may cause sedation".  Definitely does!  But hey, I'm a cat!  I'm SUPPOSED to sleep most of the time!

I hope you get a nice nap today, too.


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